Blueberry Farm in Long Island |
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The Farm


About Bhavana Berries and Our Mission

Bhavana Berries is Long Islands largest hand pick blueberry orchard. At just under 30 acres of land trust protected farmland we are small yet sizable.

The orchard gets its name from the Sanskrit word Bhavana meaning fertile farmland. Our oldest bushes are fifty years old and convince us that our farm in Long Island is an ideal as well as special environment to cultivate and grow our blueberries.

In fact we tend to think that a blueberry is not just a blueberry and that place; that curious mix of soils, minerals, weather and Long Island light play an important role in the magic and flavor of the fruit.

As stewards of the land we practice sustainable farming methods striving to build our soil, strengthen our plants and keep our beneficial insects thriving in a balanced ecosystem. In this sense our farming philosophy is to do our best to mimic nature and nurture the ecological balance.

Our business model is to sell our fruit directly by U-pick , farmers markets and to select chefs and green grocers. We believe that the relationships we form are not only about selling our fruit but building a community that supports preservation of small farms through the healthy food buying choices we make.